Thursday, January 14, 2010

Budget Survival

Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have your survival checklist and disaster plan ready? Emergency preparedness doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Start a checklist of the items you will need in an emergency. Then, everytime you go to the store for household item, pick up a few survival item and check them off your list.
Survivalist food does not have to come freeze dried, or with a high price tag. Buy beans, rice, and pastas. These will keep well, and contain needed nutrients.
Survival food storage is very important. Store your food in a cool dry place. If the budget allows it is a good idea to get some buckets and oxygen aborbers, these will help your food stay good longer.
Prepare you pl an for where you will go in an emergency. Make sure your whole family is aware of the plan.
Melissa Van Horn


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