Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prepare your disaster plan: Part 1

Now is the time to have your disaster plan ready. If you don’t already have one, then make one. You should plan for emergency possible emergency.  Emergencies can range from being national (total economic collapse) to being local (earthquake, fire, ECT). Whatever the event may be you and your family needs to be prepared. This article will begin planning for local emergencies.

Start by preparing for a local disaster. How will you get out of your home? Are your smoke detectors working? Where will you go? Are your 72 hour kits ready? Do you have an out of town contact that everyone can call to check in with, in the event that you and your family are not together at the time disaster strikes?

Make a plan for the above questions. Talk with your family, and write down an escape plan, this is a last resort always stay in your home if it is safe to do so. Plan a meeting place outside of your home. Leave your 72 hour kits near your bed at night. Check your smoke detectors on a regular basis, to ensure they are fuctioning properly and the batteries are still good. Write down your out of town contact and ensure that everyone in your family has the number.  Plan where you will go if you need to leave your hometown, plan on how you will get out of town.

You should have at least three escape plans each, three for getting out of your home, and three for getting out of town. Make sure that your escape plan includes you grabbing your 72 hour kits as long as you can safely do so. Have some emergency cash that you can use if you need to stay in a hotel or buy food, especially if you do not have friends or family within driving distance.

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